"C" vom Cranberry Creek

Deutch Drahthaar

7 June - Whelped
5 males
3 females

Dam: Aminta vom Cranberry Creek, 190761, Brsch, DOB: 7.4.2003, 54704, ZR 337/03, 8/9, 59/61, VJP-65, HZP-179/175, VGP-I./308, Btr, HD Free
Sire: Ace v.d. Ritterburg, 199166, Brsch, DOB: 18.12.2005, ZR 297/05, 10/9, 67/67, VJP-70, HZP-185, HD Free

vom Cranberry Creek is a proud member of VDD/GNA (Verein Deutsch Drahthaar e. V. Group North America).

VDD Breeding Program: All dogs used in the VDD/GNA breeding program must meet certain standards in natural hunting ability, temperament, and coat and conformation. The VDD breed standard represents the practical aspects of conformation and coat. Any disqualification in one or more of these categories will eliminate a dog from breeding. This practice ensures that only the best dogs are used for reproduction.

All puppies whelped in Group North America are registered with the VDD in Germany, receive official VDD pedigrees and registration numbers, and are tattooed with that registration number in their right ear before they leave the breeder's kennel. Breeders' kennels also must be registered and all VDD breeding regulations must be followed. In addition, Group North America has a progressive hip dysplasia program coordinated with the VDD in Germany.

The Deutsch Drahthaar has been selectively bred for versatile hunting for more than 90 years. Ninety years of testing inherited natural abilities, such as nose, search, pointing, tracking, cooperation, waterlove, retrieving, and temperament has been used to develop the breeding stock from which all Deutsch Drahthaar are whelped.

With Puppies
With Puppies

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